Phyto Nail Protector

This active preparation contains specific essential oils with proven anti-fungal activity, in this case targeting the unsightly fungal infections of fingernails or toenails. This specific treatment is facilitated by its pen-like delivery applicator, similar to a felt-tip pen which is simple and easy-to-use for customers of all ages. By applying the solution to infected nails twice a day for two weeks (reduced to once-a-day after that), the solution is absorbed by the nails within 1-2 minutes of application, allowing for the added convenience of being able to put on socks or stockings (in the case of infected toe nails) immediately following this absorption time.


Full penetration of the nail with the solution takes 3-8 days to take effect, depending on the thickness of the nail. Cosmetic improvement is visible within a few weeks. However, to ensure full efficacy, the treatment should be applied during the complete re-growth period of the nail, i.e. for 3-4 months (fingernails) or 8-12 months (great toenails).