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BioEqual International Ltd.

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4132 Muttenz - Switzerland

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About BioEqual

BioEqual is a successful Swiss biotech company founded in 2002. Headquartered in Muttenz on the outskirts of Basel, Switzerland, we are prominently situated amongst many world-leading multinational chemical, biotech and pharmaceutical companies in the industry’s renowned “Bio Valley”.

Armed with the aim to develop and launch innovative biotechnologies providing valuable treatments to our customers globally, we collaborate closely with well-reputed scientific laboratories and contract manufacturers in Europe to deliver our quality products around the world.


Business Strategies

Our business strategies focus on developing innovative and patentable products, and supplying our distribution partners with finished or semi-finished products under their own brand names. We are also a licensor for protected technologies.


Intellectual Property

BioEqual has developed and owns the patents on unique methods of effectively delivering active substances through skin and nails. Amongst our portfolio of products, we have developed a distinctive product containing antimycotic agents for the treatment of nail-mycosis and for the cure of deformed and discoloured nails. We have also developed a highly effective product for weak and brittle nails. Furthermore a line of cosmetological products are also available for the safe treatment of other common skin disorders.